Back in the USA

pisceswHello my supporters previous and new. While I had a marvelous time upstate with friends and health seekers, the possibilities did not pan out in the financial realm. More appropriate and flexible studio access is mostly in New Jersey, specifically in Union and Newark. That’s is where I should look for work and housing. I have some proposals out in the area and the art community is vibrant. I came back rejuvenated through love and optimism. I’m keeping the worry to a minimum. Being grateful for the lovely place with my friend Jean and Mike. I can stay until May 24. I need to get from then to July 14 when I have room, board and paid opportunity at a retreat in Ventnor. I don’t have a computer to work on so that is a major problem since much of my work is text based. I have one more avenue to try to find my laptop but I think it is gone, lost at the airport on my re-entry to USA.

I need housing and money to jump start my life as a metal book artist. It has special equipment. I am returning to paper, which is part of the Marginalia sculpture left behind in Ahmedabad to be cast at a later date. I’ve dragged my tools across the ocean with me and have a locker at my uni with more treasures I almost forgot about. Thanks to Jean and Julie for that safe art haven. This weekend I felt so grateful for those who have supported this journey that began in 2009 when I dropped everything to pursue an abandoned art career. I escaped a very toxic living situation to ride the wild waves of India. The metal casting experience was limited but so fantastic to witness and participate in one pour.

In 2014, I received a master’s degree in studio art/educator magna cum laude. Sold most of my work since then. The current project is a complex of metal casting and medieval atlas fold books, the paper of which will be painted beginning tomorrow. I have limited access to a studio. I also have a full metal book I just completed the text on for The Monster of All Monsters. Today I finished text for a proposal at Aferro Gallery and look for work in the tristate area.
Many, many thanks to all of you who have smoothed the edges of my unfunded art exploration. You made my time in India a more quality experience and helped me get back to the USA with unwieldy baggage. I’m beginning this new, freer life when most people retire. I put it off for so long trying to find and arty substitute in graphic design, architecture, medical illustration and journalism. I tell students if you are truly an artist nothing will suffice. My life never quite evolved when I suppressed my need for artmaking and writing. Now I live even through the fear, turmoil and doubt.
Your contribution allows me to continue. I don’t have a home at the moment and scant savings. Anything you can send will be greatly appreciated. Also your prayers and good vibes toward one of those five residency/grant applications coming through.

NOTE: If anyone know of work or a living situation please PM me. I can send my extensive resume/CV.
(This project and funding has been active since New Years Eve 2016.)


Return of the Combustible Alchemist


I have been remiss in attending to this weblog for a good while now, thinking about the cosmological implications of gyroscopic existence and the impact of world events. History often hypnotizes and art making can polarize. Foibles of the day make for good copy but one must not insulate unabated.

Soon I am to travel to distant shores because that’s what I do. I move around in search of stories I can tell myself and others. Not so much a search for meaning; perhaps a bit of running from and toward, perhaps the unquenchable thirst for new narratives, stimuli and conundrums to ponder. This trip I am in search of camaraderie that elusive state of being I am in want of. Spirit and legend call. There is a kind of deficit in this regards that is being filled over the vibrations, the frequencies of the Internet to a place called India. There may appear, genie-like out of a fabulous bottle, ideologies I can live through and with. We shall see. More on that later.

Last Saturday at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ, I was part of the select group of artists who converged for the first professional development workshop through Creative Capital, a supportive organization out of Manhattan. Run by art business professionals and artists, it helps put the pedal to the metal with the review of useful tools and suggestions to make one savvy and directed to one’s career goals and promotion particulars. This is the website site and if you scroll to the bottom you can watch Dread Scott talk turkey:

During this week, besides working in studio, I made plans to see what’s shaking in the NYC art world. For too long, I have breathe metal dust and bone shards, drumming up text to knit tactility with ephemeral essences. I also became familiar with the most interesting galleries I had little idea existed. Sometimes one can get insulated into a narrow stream of art making, forgetting how much other disciplines inform the passions past and present. To Colleen, Emma, Dread and Aaron, I thank you, as well as others from CC who I have not mentioned. Gallery Aferro is an enjoyable space for discussion and viewing art. We embark on the small road leading to the big, our sense of self intact and ready for the nearest skyrocket.

I wanted to add a few websites that gave enlightening information on the art market’s foibles and conditions:
Interesting to note that the school you went to can figure into pricing:


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