Back in the USA

pisceswHello my supporters previous and new. While I had a marvelous time upstate with friends and health seekers, the possibilities did not pan out in the financial realm. More appropriate and flexible studio access is mostly in New Jersey, specifically in Union and Newark. That’s is where I should look for work and housing. I have some proposals out in the area and the art community is vibrant. I came back rejuvenated through love and optimism. I’m keeping the worry to a minimum. Being grateful for the lovely place with my friend Jean and Mike. I can stay until May 24. I need to get from then to July 14 when I have room, board and paid opportunity at a retreat in Ventnor. I don’t have a computer to work on so that is a major problem since much of my work is text based. I have one more avenue to try to find my laptop but I think it is gone, lost at the airport on my re-entry to USA.

I need housing and money to jump start my life as a metal book artist. It has special equipment. I am returning to paper, which is part of the Marginalia sculpture left behind in Ahmedabad to be cast at a later date. I’ve dragged my tools across the ocean with me and have a locker at my uni with more treasures I almost forgot about. Thanks to Jean and Julie for that safe art haven. This weekend I felt so grateful for those who have supported this journey that began in 2009 when I dropped everything to pursue an abandoned art career. I escaped a very toxic living situation to ride the wild waves of India. The metal casting experience was limited but so fantastic to witness and participate in one pour.

In 2014, I received a master’s degree in studio art/educator magna cum laude. Sold most of my work since then. The current project is a complex of metal casting and medieval atlas fold books, the paper of which will be painted beginning tomorrow. I have limited access to a studio. I also have a full metal book I just completed the text on for The Monster of All Monsters. Today I finished text for a proposal at Aferro Gallery and look for work in the tristate area.
Many, many thanks to all of you who have smoothed the edges of my unfunded art exploration. You made my time in India a more quality experience and helped me get back to the USA with unwieldy baggage. I’m beginning this new, freer life when most people retire. I put it off for so long trying to find and arty substitute in graphic design, architecture, medical illustration and journalism. I tell students if you are truly an artist nothing will suffice. My life never quite evolved when I suppressed my need for artmaking and writing. Now I live even through the fear, turmoil and doubt.
Your contribution allows me to continue. I don’t have a home at the moment and scant savings. Anything you can send will be greatly appreciated. Also your prayers and good vibes toward one of those five residency/grant applications coming through.

NOTE: If anyone know of work or a living situation please PM me. I can send my extensive resume/CV.
(This project and funding has been active since New Years Eve 2016.)


Metalcasting in India–the video

So many thanks to American Corner for providing a cool place to think and work while it’s 108 F in Ahmedabad. Thanks to Ratilal Kansodaria for providing the space and materials to work with. Thanks to Sheth CN College of Fine Art for the studios and fine students to make this trip the enormous success it is. Thanks to the people of Ahmedabad and Nagrik Society for their friendship; to Bandish Soparkar for the fab room in a fab apartment & Namrata Deol for her gentle kindness & infectious laugh. So many more went into the piece but this is the beginning  of a narrative of eight months in India, unfunded. It was a dream that became a reality.

Metal casting for Father of all Monsters

How we create centrifugal metal cast pieces. Figure 1 in wax, then result in bronze. Lost wax method. The heads are part of a book art project referring to Typhon in Greek Mythology

Lost-wax casting (also called “investment casting“, “precision casting”, or cire perdue in French) is the process by which a duplicate metal sculpture (often silver, gold, brass or bronze) is cast from an original sculpture. Dependent on the sculptor’s skills, intricate works can be achieved by this method. The oldest known examples of this technique are the objects discovered in the Cave of the Treasure (Nahal Mishmar)hoard in southern Israel, and which belong to the Chalcolithic period (4500–3500 BC).

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Getting the Word Out: Jaggery Journal

Happily though social media I connect with people of like minds all over the world. This resulted in getting to know Satya Gummuluri on Facebook who edits a marvelous “DesiLit Arts and Literature Journal.” She graciously exposed a community of viewers to my work and me to the work of others.
While coverage is fantastic, the journal is an important forum for writers and artists. Rather than explain what it’s all about please read:
Thanks to all the staff and contributors of Jaggery!

If we know not who the other is, we shrink ourselves to a small world of sameness.

Women Bold and Outrageous

Dorothy Iannone's book art

Dorothy Iannone’s book art

Table at the NY  Book Art Fair taken by Miriam Schaer.

Table at the NY Book Art Fair taken by Miriam Schaer.

Moments ago I learned of this woman’s work. Those who have enjoyed “Women Alone” should reframe the idea of confirming identity no matter what the cost. Dorothy Iannone did that since the 1960’s when suppression of female sexuality was in full force. We must fight against women not being permitted to enjoy their own bodies.

As you may be familiar from reading the news or looking at some of my work, leaving the husband can get body parts removed from the fleeing wife in certain corners of the world. Can you imagine what talking, reading and writing about a potent sex life can do for such women? I have not seen any of these books and am not in a position to purchase them. Nevertheless since I know now they exist through Miriam Schaer’s post on Facebook, perhaps you should investigate what is possible in the world of art and book art, if you please.

More on this:

Miriam Schaer

Miriam Schaer is a woman whose work one might gain much from following. Also, here is a recent post from Gender Assignment on Tumblr concerning books ‘that stayed with you’ written by women, which Miriam, as well as other women in the arts, has contributed to: Her website of fantastic and thoughtful art:

One of Miriam Shaer's girdle pieces currently at Central Booking in NYC.

One of Miriam Shaer’s girdle pieces currently at Central Booking in NYC.

Speaking of Central Booking on Ludlow Street, I went to the opening last week and had a marvelous time viewing work and talking with artists. You must visit if you’re in the area. Many women are represented, such as Sarah Stengle who I meet earlier in the week. Her work is equally thrilling and thought provoking. Textures, ideas, laments. The things we love. She gave me this extraordinary piece:

Polar Porn by Sarah Stengle

Polar Porn by Sarah Stengle

For more information see

MOOCs, Writing and Making

It has been two months since I posted and I suppose whoever out there might think I’m off the boards. Au contraire mes amis. Giving up internet access to pursue art has its drawbacks. Can’t write at night until unis are back in session. It is so much easier to write at your leisure in the comfort of ones own room but I cannot. What I can do, and have done more of is reading, making and thinking. Often about art but also about many other things. I found a few MOOCs I like. Now I see the magic everyone was talking about. It stretches brain capacity, introduces ideas from around the world and helps you compare modes of thinking. I finished an excellent course on the French Revolution through the University of Melbourne with Prof McPhee of the Robespierre bio fame. Fantastic lecturer. Absolutely up to the new media. Images, supplemental material, readings and websites meshed nicely with his captivating presentation style complete with maps and images. If it comes up again I highly recommend it.

As to my bookish interests I read Robert Darnton’s  The Literary Underground of the Old Regime. Behind the scenes surly, lascivious yellow journalism from Voltaire wannabes who eventually, some of them, make it into significant roles in the revolution. Something to mull over.

Also a University of London course called The Camera Never Lies with Dr. Emmett Sullivan, a deep look at manipulated images and their use/value as historical resources. Both courses supplement the understanding of images and the world they influence, which is a side note to any of my considerations for art work. I spent seven years in south Louisiana and New Jersey as a reporter, photojournalist and eventually editor and everything else they could fit on my plate. It was an extraordinary look inside the good and negative of daily human life.

Outside of all that I have three works hitting the art scene. One is at the Sally Francisco Gallery in Layton, NJ. It’s called Consequences of the Harvest. It will be there until October 19.

Consequence of the Harvest

Consequence of the Harvest

From October 12 to November 30, customs willing, I’ll have the Invisible piece in Redland Museum in Queensland Australia. This is very exciting for me. You can find my name, Celeste Regal, in the alphabetical lineup.

The William Paterson University Galleries in Wayne, NJ, accepted The Price of Freedom in the Ink, Press, Repeat 2014 juried competition. Sweet. I did not think this book would see the light of day after thesis show, even though it was well received. The exhibition is from November 3 – December 12. The show is in its 13th year. Maybe a lucky number for all concerned.

The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom