Where, oh where, have I been?

No one may be asking that question but I will answer. In India, Ahmedabad, currently in Ambavadi off Bhudarpura Road. Since the end of August 2016. See my Facebook page to fill in the blanks with images, words and such: http://bit.ly/2mvE0Bq, or my Flickr page for images of the artwork and process: http://bit.ly/2mTOSnQ. I will start posting more since it has been 100 degrees Fahrenheit this week. I’m holed up in Navrangpura at the American Corner, where there is a fine library, a bright and shiny place to work with wifi, ac and good company when needed. 

I work on my cast pieces in Chandlodia at Ratilal Kansodaria’s foundry/studio. It is a marvelous place. I’m waiting for the welder to finish some jobs so I can attach rings to attach chains to metal clasps to the folded books that go with each bronze zodiac sculpture (size: approx. 3-inches circumference.) I’m funded by myself, my brother, and http://bit.ly/2mvFMCe. At present I am learning the ropes on WordPress. I have a professional website to add once I figure how to make it right. Stay tuned.


Pisces  – first round of polishing before link welded as a chain connection



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