Save Ourselves from Trampland

Revive your forgotten blogs, spread the news however you can. We have a problem in the White House. Jingoism, anti-education, racist, misogynistic with absurd  new legislation knocking out Obamacare, NEH, etc.

POTUS (???) Donald Trump, the unfettered tramp of gold and private female parts grabbing, has our country in his reigns and it does not look good. Read, compare, contrast, decide for yourself. Then do something. Is this the world we want?

Below, with a new score by The New Pollutants, is an allegorical, or metaphorical, film made in 1927, but very current in a uneasy way. It’s a bit hokey and male predominant and registering the manufacturing era, but a case can be made for parallels in our most inappropriate presidency.

Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang:


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