Costa coffee, nehru place, 12:30 pm

Listen to me oh universe I must get to India. The thinking is synaptic to something in me.


an overwhelming situation where i close my sketchbook. These situations are where the head will burst. Reading a mail of Nicola on graphite, the pencil made up of hundreds of thousands of layers of graphene and its bonding quality stronger than Diamond. The sketchbook tilted as i change from pen to Brush, from imagination to my new obsession of making chairs i see. I go back to the notes of yesterday from the Medical Public library, last night spent testing my eye’s equal innervation, i record my eyes movement. I watch them in slow movement. The flow makes you think the eyes are connected to a central commanding system. So why have two eyes, if both function the same. My feet dont behave like that. Nor my hands typing this blog entry.
Today i begin a reading of hering’s law of equal innervation as last night AIIMS faculty link in…

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