Workshop 1: Women’s Labour and Solidarity

Brilliant/important project to follow/encourage.



WORKSHOP 1: Women’s labour and solidarity
Title: Women’s labour, domestic work/invisible work, solidarity
Date: 18.03.2015 Wednesday
Time: 14.30 – 17.30
Who is facilitating: Guliz Saglam and Joanna Figiel
Place/Location: Auditorium and the Studio space

Info about Workshop (this would enable the students to know what they are signing up for):

This workshops begins with a screening of the documentary film made by Guliz about female workers in Turkey’s economic free zones – ‘The Zone.’
The Zone, 2010, 40 min. Directors: Guliz Saglam-Feryal Saygılıgil, Turkey

Objectives: Starting from the film, discussing issues relating to women’s labour.

  • Things to look out for when watching the film:
    What is the role of women workers?
    What gender/race issues are portayed, if any?
    What are the worker’s strategies for survival?
    What divisions and zones can we see?
  • Discussion:
    Do women in Jaipur/ in your family experience similar problems?
    If not, what struggles do they have?

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