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Happily though social media I connect with people of like minds all over the world. This resulted in getting to know Satya Gummuluri on Facebook who edits a marvelous “DesiLit Arts and Literature Journal.” She graciously exposed a community of viewers to my work and me to the work of others.
While coverage is fantastic, the journal is an important forum for writers and artists. Rather than explain what it’s all about please read:
Thanks to all the staff and contributors of Jaggery!

If we know not who the other is, we shrink ourselves to a small world of sameness.


Workshop 1: Women’s Labour and Solidarity

Brilliant/important project to follow/encourage.



WORKSHOP 1: Women’s labour and solidarity
Title: Women’s labour, domestic work/invisible work, solidarity
Date: 18.03.2015 Wednesday
Time: 14.30 – 17.30
Who is facilitating: Guliz Saglam and Joanna Figiel
Place/Location: Auditorium and the Studio space

Info about Workshop (this would enable the students to know what they are signing up for):

This workshops begins with a screening of the documentary film made by Guliz about female workers in Turkey’s economic free zones – ‘The Zone.’
The Zone, 2010, 40 min. Directors: Guliz Saglam-Feryal Saygılıgil, Turkey

Objectives: Starting from the film, discussing issues relating to women’s labour.

  • Things to look out for when watching the film:
    What is the role of women workers?
    What gender/race issues are portayed, if any?
    What are the worker’s strategies for survival?
    What divisions and zones can we see?
  • Discussion:
    Do women in Jaipur/ in your family experience similar problems?
    If not, what struggles do they have?

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