Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen (c. 1475-c. 1533) – (2) the painter and his workshop

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Rembrandt's Room

The subtitle of the current Van Oostsanen exhibitions is: “the first Dutch Master”. He was not: artists such as Geertgen tot Sint Jans and anonymous Masters preceded him. Perhaps it depends on one’s definition of “Master”? Certainly Jacob Cornelisz was the first painter working in Amsterdam who is known by name and who left a substantial oeuvre consisting not only of paintings, but also of woodcuts, church vault paintings and designs for liturgical vestments and stained glass.


There is very little archival evidence regarding Jacob Cornelisz’ life. Our main source is Karel van Mander’s Schilder-boeck (1604), but even that tireless art historian (and painter in his own right) has to confess that he does not know when Jacob Cornelisz was born or when he died, although he remarks that the painter died “at a great age”. Jacob’s son, the painter Dirck Jacobsz, is better known to Van Mander. Dirck…

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Welcome Back

Always good to see student work.

The Galley

The Galley is currently celebrating the start of a new semester with an exhibition of new and continuing students in Interdisciplinary Book & Paper. This show demonstrates the range of artistic production within the discipline – from altered books to animation, performance to roasted coffee.

Featured Artists:

Heather Buechler

Mary Clare Butler

Angela Davis Fegan

Ruby Figueroa

Chris Flynn

Amy Leners

Woody Leslie

Kelly Schmidt

Levi Sherman

Thanks to Lilli Kayes and BJ Allen for the photography.

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The New Selkies

Mermaid 1542 Emblemata, Alciati

Over the side girls
That’s where you’ll find us
Below the waves
In the thick silence of Oceania

A slight pressure
Frigid waters
Set a heart on fire straight

Few intrusions beget us here
Violations to a minimum
We glide like mermaids
calling to no one
A seaweed diet,
fathoms of source protein

Sleek as selkies
Sonorously sedate
Moving with every ripple
Not a wrinkle on us

Over the side girls
Habitat undaunting
Figures of unison
Harbingers of grace

We tweak the imagination
High pitch of rattling
Not a day goes by
without purpose

Porcelain goddesses
we are not
Trappings of mercantile madness
Hardened steel from foundries
Reconfigured world
in the mist of time
We dwell where intent shifts
as protean mortalities
Spun over the edge

So over the side, I say
Away from street walking
Enough of the handcuffs
Let’s swim far away

https://archive.org/details/emblemataandreae00alcia: Magnificent woodcuts in Alciati’s book. You buy print of image: http://bit.ly/1ptkiw5