Women Bold and Outrageous

Dorothy Iannone's book art

Dorothy Iannone’s book art

Table at the NY  Book Art Fair taken by Miriam Schaer.

Table at the NY Book Art Fair taken by Miriam Schaer.

Moments ago I learned of this woman’s work. Those who have enjoyed “Women Alone” should reframe the idea of confirming identity no matter what the cost. Dorothy Iannone did that since the 1960’s when suppression of female sexuality was in full force. We must fight against women not being permitted to enjoy their own bodies.

As you may be familiar from reading the news or looking at some of my work, leaving the husband can get body parts removed from the fleeing wife in certain corners of the world. Can you imagine what talking, reading and writing about a potent sex life can do for such women? I have not seen any of these books and am not in a position to purchase them. Nevertheless since I know now they exist through Miriam Schaer’s post on Facebook, perhaps you should investigate what is possible in the world of art and book art, if you please.

More on this: http://sigliopress.com/dorothy-iannone-printed-matters-ny-art-book-fair/


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