The Levy Case: Do Women Need to Take a Security Guard to the Gynocologist?

The loss of trust continues…


Pen-Camera-Functions-1The $190 million settlement between more than 8,000 female patients and Johns Hopkins Hospital was finalized Sept. 19th, but the cash settlement will do nothing to restore the loss of trust experienced by some women.

The Levy Case

Dr. Nikita Levy, a Johns Hopkin’s gynecologist, was investigated after a co-worker alerted authorities about a pen-like camera Levy carried while examining women and girls.  Investigators searched Levy’s home and found 1,200 videos and 140 images of female patients’ genitals.  It was discovered that Levy had been illicitly filming and photographing his patients with a miniature camera when they were undergoing gynecological exams.  62 of the females photographed were children.

Lead attorney Jonathan Schochor, in an interview, stated the settlement is likely the largest single-perpetrator sexual abuse case in history.

From the article: “This result is truly historic, groundbreaking, unprecedented and extraordinary,” Schochor said. “These women didn’t run. They were brave…

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