Women Bold and Outrageous

Dorothy Iannone's book art

Dorothy Iannone’s book art

Table at the NY  Book Art Fair taken by Miriam Schaer.

Table at the NY Book Art Fair taken by Miriam Schaer.

Moments ago I learned of this woman’s work. Those who have enjoyed “Women Alone” should reframe the idea of confirming identity no matter what the cost. Dorothy Iannone did that since the 1960’s when suppression of female sexuality was in full force. We must fight against women not being permitted to enjoy their own bodies.

As you may be familiar from reading the news or looking at some of my work, leaving the husband can get body parts removed from the fleeing wife in certain corners of the world. Can you imagine what talking, reading and writing about a potent sex life can do for such women? I have not seen any of these books and am not in a position to purchase them. Nevertheless since I know now they exist through Miriam Schaer’s post on Facebook, perhaps you should investigate what is possible in the world of art and book art, if you please.

More on this: http://sigliopress.com/dorothy-iannone-printed-matters-ny-art-book-fair/


The Levy Case: Do Women Need to Take a Security Guard to the Gynocologist?

The loss of trust continues…


Pen-Camera-Functions-1The $190 million settlement between more than 8,000 female patients and Johns Hopkins Hospital was finalized Sept. 19th, but the cash settlement will do nothing to restore the loss of trust experienced by some women.

The Levy Case

Dr. Nikita Levy, a Johns Hopkin’s gynecologist, was investigated after a co-worker alerted authorities about a pen-like camera Levy carried while examining women and girls.  Investigators searched Levy’s home and found 1,200 videos and 140 images of female patients’ genitals.  It was discovered that Levy had been illicitly filming and photographing his patients with a miniature camera when they were undergoing gynecological exams.  62 of the females photographed were children.

Lead attorney Jonathan Schochor, in an interview, stated the settlement is likely the largest single-perpetrator sexual abuse case in history.

From the article: “This result is truly historic, groundbreaking, unprecedented and extraordinary,” Schochor said. “These women didn’t run. They were brave…

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Women Alone

Women alone, tossed in corners unnoticed
Eaten alive by vague disregard
Rubble in living rooms
Destitution in kitchens
Relations devour what’s left of their heart

Women subjected to endless endurance
Garments burned up by male-only rules
No money to save them, no material distractions
Humming lightly to static
hopes dashed on and on

Women in line surrounded by children
Daughter’s hands tremble, miscalculation abides
Brooding eternal, a rope always dangles
Suggesting an outcome all religions despise

Women in prisons of mind and/or body
Ribcages stricken, calves in a bind
Stomachs knotted where throats are located
Moans reduced to grumbling that all will ignore

Women zoned out by babbling networks
Their strength is gone,
Their emotions half-baked
Protestations subsided, lodged in inertia
Denials resourceful, ever ready complaints

Women in men’s clothing thinking freedom may meet them
Finding only frayed pockets where dignity’s lost
Face frozen hard in a mimicking fashion
It brings nothing but echoes
of a scream loud and long

Women baking every sultry concoction
Bitter tales of fresh icing–the calories must rise
Sleight of hand cannot alter
Thin lies they are telling
Oaths for the taking on colorful pies

Women in snowstorms covered in linen
Roofs of their mouths taste metallic and smooth
No matter what unguents
They use on their scabies
Their babies remember the cold clinic floor

Women lost on vast tundra
Hard pustules split open
Cacti can’t soothe them; spiny as sticks
At midday next morning distended bowels vanish
By degrees of repression unknown to us all

Neither TV, nor Internet; no air waves can stop it
Torrential endeavors always fail to restore
Since the mothers and sisters and brothers and fathers
Tie knots of forgetting in the midst of begetting
flayed selves unadorned

Identity does survive, though, regardless of ruckus
Warmth endures unabated
In the trace of true kindness
Trickling long after sunset down cheeks that are failing
Cantatas unheard but never unsung.

Dancing Horizons

Somewhere between
brutality and the distance of time
there exists a silence
born of pleasure and pain
balanced, without discrepancy
unlimited in its dissolution of Ferocity
Injustice, Grief
floating like an unexpected iceberg
Overwhelming in beauty
Frightening in enormity

There lies our love
a brushstroke of luck,
fortunate occurrences
A place of liquidated greed
nuanced with generosity
Sweet as a freshly picked apple
without a destructive Eve
to take the blame for existence

We will meet there
to embrace each other heartily
A comfortable lust of appreciation

Miriam Schaer

Miriam Schaer is a woman whose work one might gain much from following. Also, here is a recent post from Gender Assignment on Tumblr concerning books ‘that stayed with you’ written by women, which Miriam, as well as other women in the arts, has contributed to: http://bit.ly/1qhmben Her website of fantastic and thoughtful art: http://miriamschaer.com/

One of Miriam Shaer's girdle pieces currently at Central Booking in NYC.

One of Miriam Shaer’s girdle pieces currently at Central Booking in NYC.

Speaking of Central Booking on Ludlow Street, I went to the opening last week and had a marvelous time viewing work and talking with artists. You must visit if you’re in the area. Many women are represented, such as Sarah Stengle who I meet earlier in the week. Her work is equally thrilling and thought provoking. Textures, ideas, laments. The things we love. She gave me this extraordinary piece:

Polar Porn by Sarah Stengle

Polar Porn by Sarah Stengle

For more information see http://bit.ly/XKP7Fk.

Magical Amulets and other Marvels – From Egypt to Manchester

Keeping an interest in the scholarly pursuits of others gives sparks of life going in the right direction.


Robeta, Campell, and RYlands add 1166 Robeta Mazza explaining the so-called ‘last supper amulet’ (P Rylands Greek Add. 1166) to Campbell Price

Scholars from Sydney to Cairo converged on Manchester this week-end for heady talk about papyrus fragments. Following on the announcement earlier in the week of the newly discovered ‘last supper amulet‘, the atmosphere of the John Rylands Research Institute’s symposium, From Egypt to Manchester, Unravelling the John Rylands Papyrus Collection, was always going to be exciting.

Bwt40pECMAAnr5s.jpg-large P Rylands Greek Add. 1166

The scholarly contributions of the conference itself were themselves spectacular, ranging from early Greece to the rise of Islam. Particularly interesting to me, of course, were the papers on early Christianity and later paganism. Roberta Mazza’s  breaking-news talk about the new Christian amulet (P.Ryl. Greek Add. 1166 verso) offered a marvellous mix of technical know-how (how do changing laboratory dating techniques change what we can know?) to reflections on the sociology of ‘magical thinking’ in…

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