MOOCs, Writing and Making

It has been two months since I posted and I suppose whoever out there might think I’m off the boards. Au contraire mes amis. Giving up internet access to pursue art has its drawbacks. Can’t write at night until unis are back in session. It is so much easier to write at your leisure in the comfort of ones own room but I cannot. What I can do, and have done more of is reading, making and thinking. Often about art but also about many other things. I found a few MOOCs I like. Now I see the magic everyone was talking about. It stretches brain capacity, introduces ideas from around the world and helps you compare modes of thinking. I finished an excellent course on the French Revolution through the University of Melbourne with Prof McPhee of the Robespierre bio fame. Fantastic lecturer. Absolutely up to the new media. Images, supplemental material, readings and websites meshed nicely with his captivating presentation style complete with maps and images. If it comes up again I highly recommend it.

As to my bookish interests I read Robert Darnton’s  The Literary Underground of the Old Regime. Behind the scenes surly, lascivious yellow journalism from Voltaire wannabes who eventually, some of them, make it into significant roles in the revolution. Something to mull over.

Also a University of London course called The Camera Never Lies with Dr. Emmett Sullivan, a deep look at manipulated images and their use/value as historical resources. Both courses supplement the understanding of images and the world they influence, which is a side note to any of my considerations for art work. I spent seven years in south Louisiana and New Jersey as a reporter, photojournalist and eventually editor and everything else they could fit on my plate. It was an extraordinary look inside the good and negative of daily human life.

Outside of all that I have three works hitting the art scene. One is at the Sally Francisco Gallery in Layton, NJ. It’s called Consequences of the Harvest. It will be there until October 19.

Consequence of the Harvest

Consequence of the Harvest

From October 12 to November 30, customs willing, I’ll have the Invisible piece in Redland Museum in Queensland Australia. This is very exciting for me. You can find my name, Celeste Regal, in the alphabetical lineup.

The William Paterson University Galleries in Wayne, NJ, accepted The Price of Freedom in the Ink, Press, Repeat 2014 juried competition. Sweet. I did not think this book would see the light of day after thesis show, even though it was well received. The exhibition is from November 3 – December 12. The show is in its 13th year. Maybe a lucky number for all concerned.

The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom


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