The Making of Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Illuminated manuscripts are some of the most beautiful artifacts to survive from the Middle Ages. Their production involved transforming animal skins into parchment; copying texts; painting and gilding miniatures; and binding folios between boards, a process that reveals much about medieval scribal and artistic practice.The other lectures in this series are: Drawings in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts Illuminated Psalter Manuscripts

via The Making of Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts.

This is a marvelous lecture on a topic dear to my heart. Whenever I’m out of sorts, I find that beauty and passionate intensity makes me feel like life is indeed worth living. I am often in a world where people do not rate being enthusiastic highly and, shall we say, may not possess deep love of a person, place or thing. Often that behavior can be contagious, especially if it’s is all you’re surrounded by. In the video I posted the other day about Aesha Mohammadzai, her surrogate mother repeats something she said that anyone who has endured outrageous violence would understand. No matter how much love she may receive it will never quench that black fiery spot within, the eternal spot with a beginning but no end.

For me, it is necessary to have a fine lecture, a good book, a project or a class to take me away from that spot for awhile. This is all we can ask for and must live with that.


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