Honor Diaries

As you know, my current work focuses on violence against women, often in the Middle East. One piece in particular concerns ghastly trials and impressive strength of Afghan Aesha Mohammadzi. Here is a poignant video of the family who took her in and the odds she faced for recovery after in Talibanland her husband and father-in-law cut off her nose and part of her ears: http://nbcnews.to/1kxGXZu

Also there is a new movie Honor Diaries, which is playing in AMC Loews Theater in East Hanover NJ on June 26. Melanie Gorleick of the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking emailed the information. You can follow on Twitter and Facebook. See http://www.honordiaries.com/. Another place to connect about the serve oppression of woman is a helping outreach site: http://www.girlforward.org/.

These small postings may seem like a drop in the bucket but the more rain falls the bucket becomes full.

Detail of Metalsmithing from 2014 Kean University exhibition.

Violence has nothing to do with honor.


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